131+ Ways to Say 'Hi' or 'Hello'

By Carly Forsaith, updated on April 24, 2023

Do you want to know more ways to say ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ in English so that you’re not always using the same expressions? There are so many ways to say it that you'll probably never want to say 'hi' or 'hello' again!

In this article:

  • You’ll learn 131 ways to say ‘hi’ or ‘hello.’

Casual Different Ways to Say ‘Hello’

Let's start off with some casual ways of saying 'hi' or 'hello.' These are great when you want to greet a friend or family member or basically anyone that doesn't require you to be overly formal.

1. Hey
2. Howdy
3. Yo
4. Sup?
5. Hiya
6. What's up?
7. How's it going?
8. How are you?
9. Alright?
10. Hi there
11. Hello there
12. Hey there
13. Morning
14. Afternoon
15. Evening
16. What's happening?
17. How's life treating you?
18. Long time no see
19. What's new?
20. How goes it?
21. Hey, friend!
22. Top of the morning to you
23. Hi-de-ho
24. What's cracking?
25. Waddup?
26. G'day mate
27. Alrighty then
28. Ahoy
29. What's the story?
30. Wassup?
31. Hi-ya
32. Hi-ho
33. Howdy-do
34. Greetin's
35. Good to see you
36. Good to meet you
37. Hi you
38. Hey up
39. Hi ho there
40. Hi mum
41. Hi man
42. Hiya there
43. How do?
44. You alright?
45. You good?
46. What's occurin'?
47. Ey up
48. Hi duck
49. Alright pet.
50. Alright love.
51. Hi, stranger
52. What's good?
53. Howdy partner
54. Hey gorgeous
55. Hey handsome
56. Hey beautiful
57. Yo, what's good?
58. Yo, what's up?
59. Yo, what's happening?
60. Yo, what's new?
61. Hey dude
62. Hey bro
63. Hey sis
64. Hey man
65. Hey girl
66. Hey buddy
67. Hey mate
68. Hey pal
69. Hey chum
70. Hey team
71. Hey hey
72. Hi (name)
73. Howdy
74. Hello there
75. G’day
76. Hello, governor!
77. Top of the morning to ya.
78. Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey.
79. Shalom
80. Hey, happy Tuesday!
81. Good day to ya.
82. Good day mate, how's things?
83. How’s it going bro?
84. Hi, mister!
85. Ahoy, matey.
86. Hey, boo
87. Hello stranger!
88. Look what the cat dragged in!
89. What have you been upto?

Formal Other Ways to Say ‘Hi’

If you’re in a setting that requires more of a formal register, then you might want to use one of the following expressions. For instance, if you have a meeting at work or are speaking to someone senior to you, then you'll want to ensure you're being formal.

Note that you can also use these in casual situations, but they’re just a bit more serious sounding.

90. Greetings
91. Salutations
92. Good morning
93. Good afternoon
94. Good evening
95. How do you do?
96. Nice to see you
97. Pleased to meet you
98. Good day
99. Welcome
100. It's a pleasure to meet you.
101. Hello, my name is [your name].
102. Good day to you.
103. Greetings, [person's name].
104. May I introduce myself?
105. I hope this message finds you well.
106. Warmest greetings to you.
107. Thank you all for coming.

Cute Alternative Ways to Say ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ to Your Partner

What about if you want to say 'hi' or 'hello' to your romantic partner? Well, look no further. The following expressions are sure to bowl them over.

108. Hey there, beautiful/handsome!
109. Hi, my love!
110. Good morning, my sunshine.
111. Howdy, partner!
112. Hello, gorgeous!
113. Hey, sweetie pie!
114. Good day, my angel!
115. Hey, my heart skips a beat every time I see you!
116. Hi, my beloved!
117. Bonjour, mon amour!
118. Hey, my better half!
119. Good morning, my everything.
120. Hi, my soulmate!
121. Hey, my adorable one!
122. Good day, my lovebug.
123. Hi, my special someone!
124. Hey, my cuddle bunny!
125. Good morning, my one and only.
126. Hi, my love muffin!
127. Rise and shine, gorgeous.
128. Hola gorgeous
129. Hey, cutie.
130. ‘Ello, honey bunch.
131. Ciao, bella!

Concluding Thoughts on Other Ways to Say 'Hello'

Now that you have 109 new ways to say 'hi' or 'hello,' you can go ahead and start using them. Don't forget to have fun with it; there's no need to take it too seriously.


  • Decide whether the situation requires a formal or casual register.
  • Choose your favorite expression.
  • Mix and match the words in the different expressions to create your own!

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