105 Different Ways to Say 'Yes'

By Carly Forsaith, updated on April 12, 2023

If you’re looking for fresh ways to say ‘yes,’ you’ve come to the right place. You’ll never again have to use the same expression to express your agreement.

  • In this article, you’ll learn 105 alternative ways to say ‘yes.’

Other Ways to Say ‘Yes’ Casually

Let’s start with the easiest: when you’re in a casual situation.

If you’re hanging out with friends or family or in any other casual situation, and you want to respond in the affirmative, then you can use one of the following words or phrases.

1. Yep
2. Aye
3. No problem!
4. Yeah
5. Roger that
6. Sure
7. Fo sho
8. You bet
9. You betcha
10. Uh-huh
11. Ok
12. Okay
13. K
14. Totes
15. Ya
16. Fine
17. Yup
18. Yas
19. Okie doke
20. Okie dokie
21. Right on
22. Totally
23. K
24. Alright
25. Alrighty
26. Sounds good
27. For sure
28. That’s right
29. You’re on
30. Sure, no problem.
31. Mm-hmm
32. Amen!
33. Nice
34. Goddamn right
35. True dat
36. Fair enough
37. You ain’t kiddin’
38. You got a point, there
39. Yeah right
40. You can count on it
41. [Nodding]
42. [Thumbs up] 👍
43. [Okay sign] 👌

How to Say ‘Yes’ Formally

Now what about if the situation requires you to be formal?

For example:

  • If you’re in an important meeting at work?
  • You’re meeting the in-laws for the first time and want to make a good impression?

Then any of these will be appropriate:

44. Most definitely
45. Naturally
46. Of course
47. Affirmative
48. Beyond a doubt
49. Very well
50. Indubitably
51. Yes ma’am
52. Undoubtedly
53. And how!
54. Sure thing
55. Absolutely
56. Indeed
57. By all means
58. Don’t mind if I do
59. Agreed
60. Exactly
61. My thoughts exactly!
62. Always
63. I Shall
64. Precisely
65. Most assuredly
66. Great
67. Good
68. Unquestionably
69. I will
70. Yes, it was!
71. Sure was!
72. Wasn’t it just?
73. I do
74. I have
75. Without fail
76. Certainly
77. Consider it done

Answer ‘Yes’ to an Invitation or Request

If you’ve been asked to do something or invited to an event, and you want to answer ‘yes,’ then you can use any of the following:

78.I’d love to
79. I’d love that
80. Why not?
81. Gladly
82. Let’s go
83. It’s on
84. Bring it
85. Willingly
86. Please
87. Please do
88. Sure I can

Ways to Say ‘Yes’ Enthusiastically

In this section, you’ll find a few ways to say ‘yesenthusiastically when you want to show how excited you are about something.

89. 100 times yes!
90. A thousand times yes!
91. And how!
92. Ace!
93. Brilliant
94. Cool
95. Hell yes!
96. Yay!
97. Yaasss

Ask ‘Yes’ in a Question

If you’re making a statement and want to ask someone to confirm in response, you might want to use ‘yes’ in the question form.

  • Equally, if you’re answering the phone or if someone has called your name, you can use ‘yes’ as a question.

Or, you can use one of the following words:

98. Correct?
99. Right?
100. Uh-huh?
101. Hmm hmm?
102. Yep?
103. Yes, what is it?
104. Yes, what can I do for you?
105. That’s me.

Concluding Thoughts on Alternative Ways to Say 'Yes'

So now you have 105 new ways to say ‘yes,’ which one will you use first?

Here are some tips:

  • Make sure you assess the situation and determine whether it requires a formal or casual tone.
  • Choose an expression from the correct category.
  • Mix and match the words into even more expressions to say ‘yes!’

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Written By:
Carly Forsaith
Carly Forsaith is one of the lead freelance writers for WritingTips.org. Carly is a copywriter who has been writing about the English language for over 3 years. Before that, she was a teacher in Thailand, helping people learn English as a second language. She is a total grammar nerd and spends her time spotting language errors on signs and on the internet.

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