115 Ways to Say 'According To'

By Carly Forsaith, updated on April 24, 2023

Looking for other ways to say ‘according to?’ Look no further. This article will provide you with an abundance of synonyms for the popular expression.

  • There’s really no need to keep using the same expressions in English, what with the wide vocabulary range it offers. And ‘according to’ is no exception. We'll show you 115 different ways to say 'according to' in the guide below.

Read on to learn a whole bunch of synonyms you can use instead.

Other Ways to Say ‘According To’

Using the phrase ‘according to’ is a way to report an opinion that isn’t yours. You could be talking about someone else’s point of view, for instance, or information reported in a document.

We’re going to keep this one simple and list 115 perfectly acceptable synonyms for ‘according to.’ Feel free to choose any of these because they’re pretty versatile and can apply to most contexts, no matter the topic or the language register.

  1. As per
  2. In line with
  3. Following
  4. Consistent with
  5. In accordance with
  6. Pursuant to
  7. Based on
  8. In keeping with
  9. In conformity with
  10. In agreement with
  11. In compliance with
  12. Under the auspices of
  13. In obedience to
  14. Conforming to
  15. Corresponding to
  16. In correspondence with
  17. In concordance with
  18. In congruence with
  19. In concert with
  20. With reference to
  21. By virtue of
  22. With regard to
  23. With respect to
  24. In reference to
  25. With allusion to
  26. In allusion to
  27. In respect of
  28. With deference to
  29. According to the opinion of
  30. As stated by
  31. As expressed by
  32. As declared by
  33. As maintained by
  34. As claimed by
  35. As asserted by
  36. As argued by
  37. As contended by
  38. As put forward by
  39. As presented by
  40. As proposed by
  41. As recommended by
  42. As suggested by
  43. As advised by
  44. As instructed by
  45. As directed by
  46. As commanded by
  47. As requested by
  48. As required by
  49. As demanded by
  50. As dictated by
  51. As guided by
  52. As influenced by
  53. As persuaded by
  54. As convinced by
  55. As impacted by
  56. As affected by
  57. As shaped by
  58. As molded by
  59. As conditioned by
  60. As determined by
  61. As governed by
  62. As regulated by
  63. As controlled by
  64. As mandated by
  65. As enforced by
  66. As ordained by
  67. As decreed by
  68. As established by
  69. As founded on
  70. As grounded on
  71. As based on
  72. As rooted in
  73. As originated from
  74. As derived from
  75. As emanating from
  76. As resulting from
  77. As caused by
  78. As produced by
  79. As generated by
  80. As affected by
  81. As influenced by
  82. As impacted by
  83. As precipitated by
  84. As occasioned by
  85. As brought about by
  86. As evoked by
  87. As provoked by
  88. As incited by
  89. As stimulated by
  90. As motivated by
  91. As inspired by
  92. As instigated by
  93. As initiated by
  94. As launched by
  95. As started by
  96. As activated by
  97. As catalyzed by
  98. As triggered by
  99. As induced by
  100. Caused by reason of
  101. Due to
  102. As a consequence of
  103. As a result of
  104. On account of
  105. As attributable to
  106. As outlined by
  107. In virtue of
  108. By reason of
  109. By virtue of
  110. In consequence of
  111. By means of
  112. By way of
  113. As though
  114. As via
  115. As with

Examples of Alternative Ways to Say ‘According To’ in a Sentence

Now that we have our lists of synonyms for ‘according to,’ let’s have a look at what these might look like in a sentence.

Based on what the shop assistant said, olives should be in aisle 19.

We turned left and headed for the city center, as suggested by Google Maps.

As decreed by the government, we are officially sending out aid to the victims of the earthquake.

We must work in the office at least one day per week in keeping with the new regulations put out by the organization.

As outlined by the new policy document, we are supposed to send an email confirmation after every sale.

Concluding Thoughts on Different Ways to Say 'According To'

That pretty much concludes this article on ways to say ‘according to.’ Of course, you can also feel free to mix and match the different words in the expressions above.

  • ‘According to’ is a way to report on someone else’s opinion or information presented in a document.
  • The expressions listed in this article are versatile and can be used in a number of contexts.
  • Have fun, play around with the word order and combinations, and make new expressions!

I hope you found this article helpful. If you did, you might be interested in knowing we have lots more like this one on our blog. Check them out!

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