'Photos' or 'Photo': What is the Plural of 'Photo'?

By Shanea Patterson, updated on November 9, 2022

Is it 'photo' or 'photos'? Wondering how to use the plural form of the word ‘photo’? We’ll cover that and teach you how to use it in a sentence.

Too tired to skim? Here’s the short answer: ‘photos’ is the correct way to pluralize the word. ‘Photo’ would be the incorrect way to pluralize the word.

Plural for Photo

So, you learned that the plural of ‘photo’ is ‘photos.’ That’s because it follows the standard rules of pluralization when it comes to the English language.

Standard Pluralization Rules

The standard rule to make a word plural in the English language is to add an ‘s’ or ‘es.’ Take a look at some examples:

Some words don’t follow that rule but instead follow a different set of rules. For example, when a word ends in ‘f’ or ‘fe,’ you’d drop the ‘f’ or ‘fe’ and add a ‘ves.’

Let’s see some examples.

  • Knife > Knives
  • Life > Lives
  • Calf > Calves
  • Leaf > Leaves
  • Wife > Wives

And some words don’t change in their plural form at all. Check out some examples:

  • Deer > Deer
  • Fish > Fish
  • Series > Series
  • Aircraft > Aircraft
  • Antelope > Antelope
  • Salmon > Salmon
  • Sheep > Sheep

What is the Plural of a 'Photo'? 

As mentioned above, the plural of ‘photo’ is ‘photos.’ Now, let’s define the word, so you know how to use it appropriately in a sentence.

Photo Definition and Meaning

The Cambridge dictionary defines ‘photo’ as “a photograph” and “relating to or produced by light,” “relating to photography.”

Some phrases you might have heard that include the word ‘photo’ include:

  • Photo album
  • Photo frame
  • Photo book
  • Photo finish

Some synonyms include:

  • Exposure
  • Pic (informal)
  • Picture
  • Snap
  • Photograph

How to Use Both Forms in a Sentence

Now that you know what the word means and how to make it plural let’s look at a few examples of how to use both forms in a sentence.

Here’s how you’d use ‘photo’ in a sentence:

  • Look at this beautiful photo of my mom when she was younger.
  • This historical photo can be restored by the Smithsonian.
  • I need to change my profile photo on Instagram; I’ve had it way too long now.
  • This photo of you doesn’t even look like you.

Now, let’s see how you’d use ‘photos’ in a sentence:

  • Evangeline took some beautiful photos of the south on her last trip back home.
  • Greg takes beautiful photos; he should definitely be a photographer.
  • I don’t like taking photos; I never look good in them.
  • Our graduation photos came out so crisp and clear; I love them!

Remember that your subject must always agree with your verb.

Final Thoughts on ‘Photo’ or ‘Photos’

To recap, the plural of ‘photo’ is ‘photos.’ It’s never okay to say ‘photo’ when trying to pluralize the word.

In the future, just remember that the word follows the standard rules for pluralization in English, which means you’d just add an ‘s’ or ‘es.’ In this case, it’s just a simple ‘s.’

If you ever get tripped up again, you can always come back here and dig through our library of articles on confusing words.

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Written By:
Shanea Patterson
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