'Heros' or 'Heroes': What is the Plural of 'Hero'?

By Carly Forsaith, updated on October 18, 2022

We all have a favorite hero from the movies or comic books. But what if you have more than one? Would you then say they are your 'heros' or 'heroes'? This article will help you with precisely that.

In short, the plural form of 'hero' is 'heroes.' 'Heros' is a word, but it has a different meaning, entirely unrelated to the word 'hero.'

What Does 'Hero' Mean?

A hero is someone you admire or worship. Sometimes it is someone with great strength or power. Other times it is someone who has done something exceptional. Here are some examples of the word 'hero' in a sentence:

You saved my life! You're my hero!

Mother Theresa was a hero.

You've got me wrong; I'm no hero.

What is the Plural of 'Hero' - 'Heros' or 'Heroes'?

If you wanted to talk about more than one hero, you would use the spelling' heroes.' That is the plural form of 'hero.' Here are some examples of the word 'heroes' in a sentence:

In movies, the heroes are usually the ones who survive the longest.

There are all kinds of heroes; some you hear about on the news, and some you will never know about.

Athletes are often considered heroes to young people.

Why is the Plural of 'Hero' Tricky?

There's some confusion around the plural of 'hero' because the rule for pluralizing isn't straightforward. It states that for words ending with "o," you should add either "s" or "es." Which of the two it is depends on the word. The only way is to memorize the spelling.

Other words with the same standard for pluralizing are:

What Does 'Heros' Mean?

The word 'heros' does exist, but it isn't the plural of 'heroes.' Instead, it is a genus of fish native to South America. Here are some examples of the word 'heros' used in a sentence:

There are five known species in the Heros genus.

You'll often find Heros fish in aquariums.

Some Heros fish are striped, just like tigers.

Concluding Thoughts on 'Heros' or 'Heroes'

Hopefully, you're now more confident with the spelling of the plural of 'hero' and the meaning of 'heros.' Remember that the plural of 'hero' is spelled 'heroes.' And if you're having trouble remembering, you can always refer to the famous song by David Bowie, 'Heroes.'

We have an entire section of our blog dedicated to words with confusing spellings, so be sure to refer to that for more confusing words in the English language.

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