'King Crown' vs 'Queen Crown': What's the Difference?

By Amy Gilmore, updated on October 3, 2023

Do you want to know the difference between a 'king crown' vs 'queen crown?'

Here is the short answer:

  • A 'king crown' is usually larger and heavier, and it may have more loops than the queen's. 
  • A 'queen's crown' is daintier than a king's with taller arches, but it is usually more intricately adorned with detail and jewels.
  • In some kingdoms, there is no difference between a 'king crown' vs. 'queen crown.'

To learn more about different types of crowns and what they are used for, read this entire guide.

What is the Difference Between 'King Crown' vs. 'Queen Crown?'

It is not clear what people mean when they say 'king crown' vs. 'queen crown.' There are some differences in the physical appearance of the two at times. A king's crown may be heavier and solid gold, while the queen's is sometimes made of silver covered in gold, and more intricately adorned.

The female rulers may have a daintier design with higher arches that meet at a point at the top.  However, they serve the same purpose of signifying the position of the wearers as rulers of the kingdom.

Definition of 'King Crown': What Does 'King Crown' Mean?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, there is no specific definition for 'king crown.' However, we are going to look at the definitions of the words in this term.

Definition of 'King'

'King' is, by definition, a noun that means:

  • A male monarch with a major territorial region

It can also mean:

  • Jesus Christ or God
  • One in a preeminent position or rank
  • In chess, the second most powerful piece, which has the ability to move one space in any direction
  • A player who looks like a king or plays the role of a king
  • A playing card in the king's suit

'King' can also be a verb meaning:

  • To king someone or become a king in checkers

Definition of 'Crown'

The definition of 'crown' is a noun that means:

  • A reward or mark of honor or victory
  • An imperial or royal cap or headdress worn by monarchs
  • A hat or cap that covers the crown of the head
  • A wreath or closed loop that is worn on top of the head

It can also mean:

  • A topper or the highest portion of something
  • The top of the skull
  • A mountain's summit
  • Branches of foliage on top of a shrub or tree
  • A covering affixed to teeth after a root canal
  • Something that is crown-like in shape and style
  • The knob that sticks out of a watch to change the time
  • A constitutional monarchy
  • A monarch
  • Something that completes something with honor or splendor
  • Gold coins with a crown insignia
  • A British coin worth five shillings
  • Coin currencies, including the koruna, krona, kroon, krone
  • The arched end of an anchor

Definition of 'Queen Crown': What Does 'Queen Crown' Mean?

Like the term 'king crown,' the Merriam-Webster Dictionary does not include a definition of 'queen crown.' So, we will look at the definition of 'queen.'

Definition of 'Queen'

By definition, 'queen' is a noun that means:

  • The widow or wife of a ruling monarch or tribal chief
  • A female monarch or chieftain
  • A woman with high rank, attraction, or power
  • A goddess or a highly attractive and accomplished woman

It can also mean:

  • The most powerful piece in a chess set
  • A playing card in the queen suite
  • The fully developed fertile female in many insect colonies
  • A female cat used for breeding
  • A drag queen
  • A gay man

'Queen' can also be a verb that means:

  • To become a queen in a chess game
  • To act like a queen
  • To hold something over someone's head

Pronunciation: How to Pronounce 'King Crown' vs. 'Queen Crown'

Next, let's look at the pronunciation of these terms. Here is a pronunciation guide you can use. 

  • Use this phonetic spelling to pronounce 'king crown':

kiηg kraun

  • Use this phonetic spelling to pronounce 'queen crown':

kwēn kraun

What Do People Mean When They Say 'King Crown' vs. 'Queen Crown?'

It is not entirely clear what people mean when they say 'king crown' vs. 'queen crown,' but there are several possibilities, including:

  • 'King crown' could refer to the actual crown a king wears.

For example, you might hear someone say:

The king crown was meticulously polished before the coronation ceremony.

However, a better way to say it is:

The king's crown was meticulously polished before the coronation ceremony. 

  • 'King Crown' might be used to refer to a male ruling monarch.

So, someone might say:

The king crown only ruled for a year before his untimely death. 

  • 'Queen Crown' could be a reference to a female monarch.

As an example, someone might say:

The queen crown ruled the kingdom for more than 50 years after her husband died.

  • 'Queen crown' could refer to a smaller, more intricate crown sometimes worn by female monarchs.

So, someone might say:

The royal jewelers are tasked with making a new queen crown for the monarchy. 

Sample Sentences Using 'King Crown' vs. 'Queen Crown'

Below are some sample sentences using 'king crown' vs. 'queen crown' that should help you remember the difference between the two.

King Crown

  • The king crown used for coronations is solid gold with rich purple-colored velvet fabric.
  • I have to wear a king crown in our upcoming school musical. I hope I am able to keep it in my head for the entire performance.
  • The acting King Crown is a people's favorite.
  • The only time a monarch wears a king's crown is during their coronation ceremony.

Queen Crown

  • If you want a queen crown in the next pageant, you better keep your eye on the prize.
  • Keep up the good work, and I will give you a queen crown.
  • The Queen Crown was the ruler of the United Kingdom until 2023.
  • It is not possible to borrow a queen crown, but the queen may loan her tiaras to relatives and other royals for marriage and other ceremonies.

King Crown/Queen Crown

  • Some king crowns and queen crowns are only used during coronations or the start of parliament.
  • Monarchs pass down the king crown and queen crown for hundreds of years.
  • The Kinxg Crown and Queen Crown are the rulers of our nation.

Recap: 'King Crown' vs. 'Queen Crown'

Finally, let's review the difference between 'king crown' vs. 'queen crown': 

  • 'King crown' is a term that can mean a crown worn by a king or a male monarch. 
  • 'Queen crown' is a term that can mean a smaller crown worn by a queen that typically has a more detailed design enameled or encrusted with precious stones. 

You can verify the meaning of other unclear words and phrases like these in the confusing words section here. So, if you have been wondering about the meanings of other terms like these, check them out before you go.

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