‘Pushin’ P’ Slang Meaning: What Does ‘Pushing P’ Mean?

By Amy Gilmore, updated on October 6, 2022

'Pushin' P' is a term used on social media platforms that means 'keeping it real.' The 'P' stands for 'playa' or player. Some people may confuse this term because, generally, a player is someone who makes multiple women or men think they are into them when they are just playing. 

To learn more about this term, its origin, and when people use it, keep reading. 

Where Did the Term' Pushin' P' Come From?

The term 'Pushin' P' was made famous by the 2022 album titled 'DS4Ever' by Gunna and Future, which features Young Thug. In an interview with the radio morning show, The Breakfast Club, Gunna explained that 'Pushin' P' might mean you wake up with a beachfront view or that you can spend thousands on a Rolex. 

He explains that doing stupid or bad things or making moves that do not benefit you financially is not 'P.' 

Who is Saying 'Pushin' P'?

Since the release of the 'DS4Ever' album, people all over the internet have been using 'Pushin' P.' However, there have been mixed feelings about it. 


Since the release of 'DS4Ever,' the term 'Pushin' P' has been used by brands to relate to younger audiences using the word. Nike tweeted, 'We had an internal meeting, and without getting into details pushin P all year.'

IHOP followed Nike's attempt by tweeting, 'We're always pushing Pancakes.'


Gunna has used the term in many different ways. He first explained the meaning during his interview with The Breakfast Club. However, since then, he has gone on record several times to clarify that the 'P' in 'Pushin' P' has several meanings. 

It can mean player, as in keeping it real, but it can also mean paper, positivity, and productivity. There is no set meaning, according to Gunna. It is just a term for making moves that benefit you and others. 

Gunna also explains what 'Pushin' P' is not. If you do wrong by your friends, rent your house or cars, act lazy, or hurt people, that is not 'P.'


TikTok creators have taken the opportunity to make countless videos on what 'Pushin' P' means. Some are more creative than others, and nearly all of these videos have mixed reviews from viewers. 

Other Similar Slang Terms

Artists like Gunna, Future, and Young Thug often coin phrases. A new word or term often gains popularity after a music release. Some stick, while others are quickly forgotten. 


Future has been rapping for more than ten years. He released his first album in 2010, and he is responsible for more than a couple of widely used slang terms, including: 

  • Cap - A lie or front
  • No cap - truth

Young Thug

 Like Future, Young Thug has been making music for over a decade. He often comes up with new words and even refers to it as his 'blanguage.' Many words include a 'b' added to the beginning because Young Thug is a member of the Young Slime Life division of the Bloods gang. A few of his most popular terms are: 

  • Slime - your friends, family, or inner circle.
  • Slatt - Slime Love All The Time
  • Boolin' - hanging out with your friends or chillin'

Controversies Over 'Pushin' P' 

Any time the public connects an artist or song to new slang, there is some controversy over the origin. There are conflicting claims that 'Pushin' P' originated on the Pacific and Gulf Coasts.

Sauce Walka 

Artist Sauce Walka has made several public statements about the origin of the phrase, 'Pushin' P.' In several videos, he explains that Gunna took the term from Houston, where people have been referring to each other as 'P' and conversationally using the term 'Pushin' P' for years. 

Here is an example: 

Person 1: 'What up, P'

Person 2: 'You know, I'm always 'Pushin' P.'

When they use the term, they are referring to the other person as a pimp, another word used like 'playa.' Usually, it means the person is a boss or making money moves that put them in a position of power. 

Bay Area 

People from the Bay Area also claim to have been using the slang long before Gunna, Future, and Young Thug made it famous on their 'DS4Ever' album. However, this is no different from any other popular term.

Most musicians don't up with the term, but they increase the popularity and demographic by saying it in a hit song.

Gunna's PushinPETH Crypto Fail 

Gunna decided to cash in on the popularity of his catchphrase recently by releasing his own cryptocurrency called PushinPeth and urged his fans to purchase it. However, it crashed just a few hours after the launch, and buyers lost their investments.

Can You Explain What 'Pushin' P' Means?

Understanding the meaning of new slang, like 'Pushin' P' can be just as essential to writers as understanding basic grammar rules.

Put simply, 'Pushin' P' means life is good because your work is paying off or you are doing positive things. Even if you can explain the meaning, you should take caution using the term.

The meaning differs depending on where you are in the country, and social media users are critical of people who improperly use popular terms. The diverse meaning is not the safest bet for advertising or business communications.

After all, getting in trouble with your boss for using the TikTok famous term wouldn't be 'Pushin' P.'

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