‘Blood Moon’: Definition, Meaning, and Examples

By Amy Gilmore, updated on November 24, 2022

Have you heard the phrase ‘blood moon’ and wondered what it meant? If so, this guide will help. 

The term sounds ominous. However, a ‘blood moon’ is a term for a rare lunar eclipse when the moon turns a bright orange or red color. 

Read the definitions, usage examples, and origin information below to learn more. 

What is a ‘Blood Moon?’

A 'blood moon' is a term people use to describe a lunar eclipse that causes the moon to appear red in color. The sunlight refracting through Earth's atmosphere and reflecting off of the moon is responsible for the shocking color.

Origin of ‘Blood Moon’

The term 'blood moon' dates back thousands of years. Some people throughout history believed that a 'blood moon' was a sign of something terrible or ominous to come. For example, in the Bible, there is a verse in which the Lord is prophesied to return when the moon turns to the color of blood.

Other civilizations celebrate the 'blood moon,' and people who believe in magic often think that the rare lunar cycle enhances their power.

Usage Examples of ‘Blood Moon’

Now that you know the meaning and why people say 'blood moon,' here are a few examples of the term in sentences.

  • There are usually two red moons each year. However, your ability to witness a 'blood moon' depends on where you live.
  • Blue moons only occur every two to three years. 'Blood moons' occur more often, with two per year in most parts of the world.

Similar Idioms

Here are a few other similar idioms you may come across.

'Blue Moon'

Perhaps you have heard the phrase 'once in a blue moon.' It actually has nothing to do with the moon. Instead, people use the idiom as a synonym for 'every once in a while' or 'every so often.'

'Pie in the Sky'

'Pie in the sky' is a term that people use when referring to an idea or event that will likely never come to pass.

'Bearer of Bad News'

If you believe in the power of the 'blood moon' you may be concerned that a 'bearer of bad news' will come to tell you that something bad happened.

Tips for Using Idioms

Idioms are a great way to connect with your audience. If you are trying to write like Jane Austen, you may want to use an idiom like 'humble abode', which she used in her famous book Pride and Prejudice. 

Otherwise, here are a few tips for using idioms:

  1. Look up the meaning of idioms before you use them.
  2. Use sayings your audience understands.
  3. Use figures of speech sparingly.

Final Advise on ‘Blood Moon’ and Other Sayings

'Blood moon' is one of several terms people use to describe lunar events. Each moon cycle has a different name than farmers or earlier civilizations called them. These names given to the moon usually describe the way it looks or the time of year that the full moon occurs.

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