‘Anymore' vs 'Any More': What's the Difference?

By Carly Forsaith, updated on January 17, 2023

'Anymore' vs 'any more' appear to be the same word, although one has a space in the middle. But do they mean the same thing? That's what we're here to find out.

The short version is that, no, they are not the same word. 'Anymore' relates to time, and 'any more' refers to quantities.

Difference Between 'Anymore' vs 'Any More'

The confusion between 'anymore' and 'anymore' isn't unique to those words. You'll find the same dilemma with the words 'anyway' and 'any way,' or 'anytime' and 'any time.' The space in the middle of the word completely changes the meaning.

So what does each word or phrase mean? Let's find out.

What Does 'Anymore' Mean?

'Anymore' is an adverb that relates to time. When you use the word 'anymore,' you're saying that something is no longer. That's why you'll use it in negative sentences.

To confuse things further, the word 'anymore' originates from the words' any' and 'more.' It has only been used as a single word in this sense since 1865, according to Etymonline. Make no mistake, though; it's used as a single word now.

What Does 'Any More' Mean?

'Any more' is a phrase since it contains more than one word. It's used as a determiner to talk about quantities.

You can use it to express the fact there are no remaining quantities of something.

Pronunciation: How to Pronounce 'Anymore' vs 'Any More'

The pronunciation for 'anymore' and 'any more' is the same, only with the latter, you'll take a short pause, just like you would between words in a sentence.

Here's how the International Phonetic Alphabet says to pronounce it as follows:


And it sounds something like this:


When to Use 'Anymore' vs 'Any More'

How about we take a look at these words used in a sentence? This usually helps better understand how to use the word in the proper context. We'll start with 'anymore.'

Examples Sentences of 'Anymore'

Here are some examples of the word 'anymore' used in context.

My son doesn't go to Ryder High anymore; he switched to another high school last year.

Sam and I don't really talk anymore; being friends with him was like walking on a tightrope.

My arm hurt when I first took the fall, but it doesn't hurt anymore.

Examples Sentences of 'Any More'

Now for some examples of the phrase 'any more' in a sentence.

I don't like this any more than you do.

Are there any more of those delicious cookies you baked for Valentine's Day?

Do you get any more bonuses included with your new job?

Concluding Thoughts on 'Anymore' vs 'Any More'

The bottom line is that 'anymore' should be used to talk about something that is no more, and 'any more' is to ask about or make a statement about any quantities remaining.

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