‘Who Dares Wins’: Definition, Meaning, and Examples

By Carly Forsaith, updated on October 11, 2022

You might have heard the expression 'Who dares wins' before and wondered what it means. Well, look no further. This article will explain the meaning, where it came from, and give examples.

In short, 'Who dares wins' means that good things come to those who aren't afraid to try risky or scary things.

What Does it Mean?

To truly understand this expression, let's break it down and look at the words it's made up of.


'Who' is a gender-neutral pronoun. It allows the sentence to remain general to whom it applies.

You could place any personal pronoun before 'who,' for example:

  • He who dares wins.
  • She who dares wins.
  • They who dare win.
  • One who dares wins.


"Dares" comes from the verb "dare." One must be very brave to dare, as it usually means facing something difficult, challenging, dangerous, or scary.

Daring requires a lot of courage. Here are some sentence examples:

Would you dare touch a tarantula?

I wouldn't dare ask him out; I'm too shy!


I'm sure you are already familiar with the verb "win." In the expression 'Who dares wins,' it's clear that winning is the reward you'll get from daring.

Where Does it Come From?

The expression 'Who dares wins' originates from the Special Air Services, also known as the SAS. The SAS is a special forces unit of the British Army, so the motto is usually attributed to Sir David Stirling, the founder.

What Do You Win?

So what does it mean when they say 'win'? What do you win, exactly?

In the context of SAS, the expression is undoubtedly used to encourage soldiers as they prepare for battle. But in everyday use, to win could mean anything, depending on the context. The idea is that if you take a risk and are brave, you will come out on top.

'Who Dares Wins' Examples

Here are some scenarios where it would be applicable to use the expression 'Who dares wins.'

Come on; we can do this! Who dares wins, right?

I know this feels like a near-impossible challenge, but if we push ourselves, we can make it happen. After all, who dares wins.

I know what you're up to, you're trying to discourage me from doing this. But I know that who dares wins!

Other Similar Idioms

Other idioms in the English language are used to encourage bravery. Here are a few:

  • Fortune favors the brave
  • Fortune favors the bold
  • Luck favors the daring
  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained
  • No pain, no gain.

Concluding Thoughts on 'Who Dares Wins'

There are so many idioms and figures of speech in the English language that it's hard to keep track. It can seem a little discouraging at first, but I encourage you to embrace the fun side of learning more idioms.

I challenge you to go out and find an opportunity to use the expression 'who dares wins'!

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Written By:
Carly Forsaith
Carly Forsaith is one of the lead freelance writers for WritingTips.org. Carly is a copywriter who has been writing about the English language for over 3 years. Before that, she was a teacher in Thailand, helping people learn English as a second language. She is a total grammar nerd and spends her time spotting language errors on signs and on the internet.

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